6 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Eco-friendly

It is a good idea for us all to start making small changes to benefit the environment. Our bathrooms are one of the best places to start, and there are some very simple changes that you can employ to make things more eco-friendly.

1. Use a bamboo toothbrush

Now so popular that this tip might seem a little cliché, using a bamboo toothbrush will reduce your plastic waste. Normal toothbrushes have both plastic handles and bristles. Bamboo toothbrushes are both biodegradable and a sustainable alternative.

The bristles are softer than your typical toothbrush, and the feeling does take getting used to. Many of us are guilty of brushing too hard, which is not good for your gums. These softer bristles may provide some benefit in that regard, too.

2. Try roll-on deodorants

A study published in Science found that petroleum-based compounds used in perfumes, paints, and other consumer products can emit as much air pollution (in the form of volatile organic compounds) as cars and trucks.

Whilst roll-on deodorants may still contain some VOCs, they are typically in smaller amounts.

Roll-on deodorants, or even deodorant sticks, also reduce waste. The packaging is typically smaller and they last longer; many are also in glass bottles rather than plastic or metal.

3. Use environmentally-friendly bleach

Bathroom bleaches are harmful to aquatic life and comprised of incredibly toxic chemicals. Ecover is a popular brand, available widely in supermarkets or online, offers a plant-based alternative.

Ecover does not test on animals and considers itself a vegan-friendly product. Whilst it doesn’t have a vegan certification, they do not use animal products or by-products.

No cleaning product is perfect and in “harmony” with the environment, but Ecover cleaners are much better than typical bleach products.

4. Try sustainable toilet roll

If you’ve ever bought ASDA’s own-brand recycled toilet paper, you’re probably already ignoring this suggestion. Luckily, there are alternative sustainable toilet rolls out there that don’t double-up as sandpaper.

The Cheeky Panda provides toilet paper made 100% from bamboo. Shipped from China, this toilet paper ensures that forests aren’t being felled in the process.

When buying toilet paper, if the packaging says “FSC Mix” then you can be sure that it will be made using virgin wood pulp. This means that forests are being cut down for your bog roll – something we should all be avoiding.

5. Use toothpowder instead of toothpaste

It might seem odd to us – we’re conditioned to using toothpaste, after all – but using toothpowder is a good change to make.

Instead of applying a liquid toothpaste, toothpowder is applied by shaking the powder over a moistened toothbrush and then brushing as normal.

In fact, a study published in 2014 in the International Journal of Health Sciences found that toothpowder was “significantly” better at removing stains than toothpaste.

6. Use plastic-free cotton buds

Cottons buds (or Q-tips) are often made with plastic stalks. Bought in the hundreds at a time, this is a lot of unnecessary plastic waste.

Alternatives are available online made from bamboo with organic cotton. They are not expensive either, and they are actually better than the plastic alternatives.

Plastic cotton buds are soft are bend easily. The bamboo versions are very strong and therefore easier to handle in practice.

In conclusion

Your bathroom is a great place to start when making your home more eco-friendly. What do you recommend that people do to improve their green living? Let us know in the comments.

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