My name is Will Nicholls, and I am a wildlife film-maker from the UK. I am also the founder of popular nature photography tutorial website Nature TTL.

For years I have wanted to start a green living website. So, despite having far too much to do, I have decided to make that happen.

With luck, hopefully this website will help you to learn how to live green.

I am by no means perfect. I live a vegan life day-to-day, but I also drive a diesel 4×4. I can’t always eat a vegan diet, either. My work filming in remote corners of the world does not always marry up well with a vegan diet.

So, this website should be a refreshing look at eco-living. Rather than insisting you turn vegan and stop flying, I will ensure that this website allows you come to your own conclusions. We’ll put the advice out there, but it’s up to you what you do and don’t do.

Living green doesn’t mean life isn’t going to be fun anymore. You can still enjoy the things you take pleasure in, and you will find new things too.

Often green living is made to look unrealistic and only for the “hardcore tree huggers.” Hopefully we can change that perception.